Mischa Barton Apologizes And Works To Make Up For Her Now Infamous Instagram Post

What has Mischa Barton been up to this week? Besides being a phrase that probably hasn’t been said since her days on The OC, Barton was just chilling on a yacht enjoying some wine while trying to be thoughtful and “philosophical” about the shooting of Alton Sterling and posting it to Instagram. Of course the post came off as extremely inappropriate and disconnected and everyone was quick to tell her this.

Barton then deleted the post of her, while talking about police brutality. After the backlash, she must have realized how insensitive it looked to the public. The actress then took to Twitter on Friday to apologize for her ‘tone deaf’ post:

Barton followed up her simple apology with a tribute post to Alton Sterling.

Less than an hour later, Barton tweeted about The Dallas Police Shooting and Twitter was quick to remind Barton about what she said in her Instagram post that started it all:


Barton also tweeted a quote from Malcolm X using not only the Black Lives Matter hashtag, but bizarrely a White Lives Matter one as well.


Unfortunately for Barton, she seems to keep digging herself deeper and deeper into a social media hole that she can’t get out of. Maybe it’s time to take a little break from Twitter and Instagram for a while?

(Via EW)