Hold Up, Potterheads — M&M’s New Flavor Tastes Exactly Like Butterbeer


If you’re one of those people who’s already finished The Cursed Child (twice) and are mourning the loss of Harry Potter in your life, there’s some good news that may just tide you over until J.K. Rowling decides to bring the boy wizard back in some new and exciting way. M&M’s has created a new fall flavor that has (technically) nothing to do with the series, but allegedly tastes exactly like the frothy mug of Butterbeer you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s called BOO-terscotch (it’s a fall flavor, okay? Let’s just forgive the name) and it’s only around for a limited time, so it’s probably time to book that trip to M&M’s World in Vegas to get your taste early. (Highly recommend the trip: there’s a 3D movie and everything).

For those miserable few who can’t get their hands on the delicacy just yet, Delish has a pretty good description of what you can expect. According to someone who has already tasted the candy, the M&M’s are white chocolate-flavored and feature an “intense” butterscotch infusion. Intense. That’s how it’s described! Can the candy really live up to that kind of hype? It had better give you the sugar shakes on immediate contact with your mouth (otherwise that infusion is just “strong” at best).

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (for real Butterbeer) or M&M’s world, though, because the candy — along with other seasonal favorites — will soon arrive at a Target near you. Candy Corn M&M’s will be available at grocery stores nationwide (why? That is the worst flavor) and if you’re aching for a bite of pie without all the calories (but probably most of them), you’ll have to take a trip to your local Walmart to try pecan pie M&M’s. Let’s hope they’re as good as the Red Velvet variety.

(Via Delish)