A Desperate Momma Duck Flagged Down Humans For Help After Her Ducklings Fell Into A Gutter

As it goes with most of the avian kingdom, ducks are known to be supremely protective of their young. We recently heard about the duck who has been navigating the hallways of a Michigan elementary school for the past 13 years to bring her babies to water, and now out of Phoenix, Arizona comes another heartwarming tale of a momma duck protecting her young.

Whoever manages the YouTube account for a Phoenix area furniture manufacturing company, Vintage Industrial LLC, says that they were out for a walk a few weeks ago when they noticed “a duck was quacking at me.” Upon further inspection, the person filming the video noticed chirping sounds coming from a grate the duck was standing next to, and realized that the duck’s babies must have fallen down the grate and this was her way of attempting to get help for them.

After a call to the Phoenix Fire Department, a team came out to help rescue the babies (good thing there were no fires at the time!) and it took them about 10 minutes, but finally they were able to pry the heavy metal grate off. Inside they recovered nine (nine!!!) baby ducklings, which they quickly returned to their mother — after a quick photo opp, naturally.

So everybody, thank the brave men at the Phoenix Fire Department for restoring faith in humanity once again, when we need it more than ever.

(Via Reddit)

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