These Two Adventurers Are Snapchatting Their Exhilarating Everest Climb

Snapchat is typically a place to see your friends act like drunken idiots and gain inspiratin from DJ Khaled. But a follow of @EverestNoFilter could quickly change that. That’s where two adventurers are offering a rare, real-time glimpse of summiting the world’s tallest mountain.

Everest guide Adrian Ballinger and photographer Cory Richards are planning to show an unfiltered look at the climb up Mt. Everest. Ballinger explained their rationale in an article for Outside:

“Our goal is to share our perspective and encourage dialog on both the positive and negative sides of climbing Everest. Ultimately what we want is a positive future for Everest, and for those who work and recreate on the mountain. Getting there will require thought, discussion, and effort from everyone involved. We hope our story can help to illuminate some of the issues, and possible solutions.”

Ballinger says they chose Snapchat because of the app’s immediacy, as it doesn’t allow users to post videos or photos that were taken outside of the app. He adds that they plan to see several different perspectives on Everest by handing the camera off to Sherpas, doctors, and other expedition members as they climb.

Ballinger and Richards also plan to summit the mountain without using supplemental oxygen, a feat that has only been accomplished 193 times in history.

In addition to @EverestNoFilter, the duo plan to post at their personal Snapchats. Follow @adrianjb and @crichardsphoto in the app to see more.