Where To Score Freebies And Discounts On National Burrito Day

If you don’t like burritos, we can’t help you — there’s nothing left to say besides, “Vaya con Dios.” Not liking burritos is like not liking puppies. Or not like The Princess Bride. Or not liking tacos.

(Remember the time we found you the best burrito in the country in a gas station?)

Today is National Burrito Day, and that means people are flipping the hell out. All styles, all fillings, it’s on. It also means brands are ready to satiate our collective hunger with burrito deals around the nation. No one seems to be just throwing free burritos out their drive through windows, but there are some pretty okay deals.

Not really enough to get too thrilled over, so we might as well meme it up! (Or head to Tampa to watch people gorge themselves!)