This Guide To Burrito Styles Will Give Your Next Food Binge Some Direction

The burrito, that simple staple of Mexican cuisine, occupies both a position of classic authenticity and serves as a foundation for some very trendy interpretations. This is why people can be just as committed to the burritos at their local taco truck as they can to the ones at high end eateries. And, there are even people who have a passionate love of Taco Bell and Chipotle iterations (especially after a night of hard drinking or a fair amount of pot smoking). Sure, the current food landscape has brought us the Whopperrito and the doughnut burrito, but how much do people know about the classic styles?

Fairmont Hospitality, a trailblazer in the international hospitality industry, has created an infographic that aims to teach you the difference between the ingredients in the fry-filled California burrito and the highly customizable Mission burrito. But, that’s not all; it also provides related trivia and the history of each style of this tortilla wrapped gift to your taste buds. This could even be the inspiration you need to start your competitive eating career, like that tiny blonde girl who inhaled a monster burrito in ten minutes.

Even if you are a Mexican food connoisseur, you will find info in the “Ultimate Guide to Burritos” that you didn’t know before. Plus, you will have something to talk about with other customers while you wait for your Kogi burrito to be made. You will dominate that line with your expertise.

(h/t: First We Feast)