In The Most Predictable Contest Ever, Natural Light Wants You To Get A Mullet And Pay You In Beer

Stephen King once wrote, “everything old is new again.” We couldn’t agree with that sentiment more. How else you can wrap your head around fanny packs getting popular over the past few years? Now, thanks to the folks at Natural Light, the mullet (once rocked by Stephen King) is primed for a comeback too.

Yes, the mullet. The “classic” hairstyle consists of business upfront (short, seemingly normal haircut) and party backstage (the long, glorious locks). And now someone, somewhere who never cut their 80s mullet is smiling. Because Natural Light wants to pay (sorta!) you in beer to get this iconic, rockin’ haircut.

While you might know it as one of the cheapest beers to snag at the grocer, Natural Light “Natty” has been kicking since 1977. To pay homage to decades of being the “life of the party,” they’re dropping vintage cans.

Natural Light
Natural Light

But that’s not all. They want to add to the ‘70s aesthetic and actually send some lucky drinkers free beer to get a mullet. And this isn’t just a one-time shipment — if these mulleted mavericks keep their floppy ‘dos they’ll even continue sending them free beer in perpetuity.

Before you stroll down to your neighborhood barber and completely change your look to that of a young Joe Dirt, remember to post a photo of your rock and roll haircut to Instagram between now and March 31st for a chance to get your hands on some free Natty Light. Also, make sure to tag #NattyVintage. Or you might get a corny haircut for no reason (vs the “reason” of free beer which really sounds like not enough reason at all to make this sartorial decision but we digress…)