Saweetie’s Icy McDonald’s Merch Includes Fanny Packs, Trucker Hats, And Oversized T-Shirts

Saweetie‘s McDonald’s meal has been out for a couple of weeks now, which means it’s time for its accompanying merch collection to hit the net as well. While Travis Scott’s collection included wild entries like Cactus Jack house slippers and Chicken McNugget body pillows, Saweetie’s stuff sticks to the most functional items like apparel and accessories.

In the press release, Saweetie noted that the designs here suit her own personal style, which includes oversized t-shirts and hoodies, and claimed a favorite. “Y’all know I stay dipped in the latest fashion, so it was only right I drop some icy merch to celebrate my McDonald’s collab,” she said. “There are so many oversized pieces that I love, like my favorites: the Saweetie ’N Sour Hoodie and Fry Tees.”

In addition to those items, the collection includes the Dats Right fanny pack, the Pop Art sticker tote, a pair of trucker hats, and socks with her snowflake logo. The simplicity of the collection will probably ensure that the supply issues that plagued J Balvin’s collection can be avoided this time around. You can check out a few pieces below and make your purchases on the official website.