A Norwegian Man Had The Best Reaction To Getting His Testicle Stuck In An IKEA Stool

Claus Jørstad is a Norwegian photographer and security guard who will now and forever be known for achieving an unprecedented level of oneness with a piece of IKEA furniture — and reacting to it in the most admirable way possible. Following a work-related knee injury, Jørstad purchased a sturdy, bright red stool from IKEA to assuage his leg pain. He was showering with the stool, which features a circular display of holes on its seat, when the soapy water created just enough lubrication to cause one of his testicles to slip right through. And, for a brief period of time, there he was — half man, half stool.

“Now, some asked how my nut could fit there,” Jørstad told Buzzfeed News, “and the explanation is easy: one of the nuts is smaller than the other two… And I live in Norway, where its cold.” With Swedish craftsmanship and his country’s frigid clime against him, Jørstad considered his options, one of which involved a hairdryer’s heat and potential electrocution. Thankfully, before he had to cross that bridge, his entrapped testicle freed itself. Jørstad reasons it was the chilly, ball-constricting temperature that aided his escape.

Jørstad documented his close call on IKEA Norway’s Facebook page, and his post has garnered worldwide attention and been shared by thousands of people.

His story is the perfect lesson on how to own your embarrassments, but he also hopes it’s provided a little joy to people’s gloomier moments. “Nice to make people laugh in these days of terror and war and other depressing news,” he says, adding his confrontation with the stool – which has now been demoted to plant stand – has even yielded professional benefits. “And hey, even more people notice my photography work, so it’s win-win.”

(Via Buzzfeed)