Nostalgia Tastes So Sweet With The Return Of Oreo O’s Cereal

One of the great conflicts of adulthood is the fact that you can now buy whatever cereal you want with no one to tell you no, but you are also more aware of the effect sugar has on your body and how terrible it would be if you lost a foot to Type 2 diabetes. However, a bowl or two of the good stuff isn’t going to kill you, and Post is giving you a nostalgia charged way to embrace your inner kid: Oreo O’s cereal is on its way back to your supermarket and your heart after a decade long absence.

According to a statement made to PopSugar,

“Fans of the iconic OREO O’s cereal will find the product has stayed true to its roots, with OREO cookie bits and a crème coating combined to make the chocolaty, crunchy O’s that can be enjoyed in a bowl with milk, or straight out of the box.”

Hitting the sweet spot of nostalgia and junk food, people predictably had zero chill on social media at this news.

The cereal will be available for purchase in June at Walmart for the rest the next three months, so keep your eyes pealed you can relive the halcyon days of 2007 (pops multiple polo collars in appreciation). Post clearly knows that they have a fan frenzy on their hands, and have made an online tool for fans to locate their cereal at stores in their area. Happy snacking!

(Via Complex)