The Original Mars Bar Is Officially Back

Americans eat candy made by M&M Mars all the time, but the chocolate bar that made the Mars name, the Mars Bar, has been gone from shelves for 15 years. Made of milk chocolate, nougat, and toasted almonds, and named after the Mars family that founded the company, the original Mars bar vanished in 2002. Thus ended seventy years of drugstore and grocery check-out residency. But it turns out the Mars bar was just having a bit of a hiatus and it’s back now. Well… if you order online or head to Vegas.

Ethel M Chocolates, a subsidiary of the candy giant, has replicated the original bar, although there are a few cosmetic changes to the wrapper. It might taste slightly different to American tongues, since Ethel M is a bean-to-bar, preservative free operation, so, just by its nature, it’s slightly more upscale than your CVS-purchased afternoon treat. Which means it’s $3 a bar, but hey, treat yourself. As we said, you’ll have to buy from Ethel M stores, which are in Nevada, or get it via mail order, so plan your diet accordingly.

If Mars bars aren’t quite your thing, the company also has reconstructed 1936’s “Forever Yours” bar, which we know better as the Milky Way Midnight. If you want to surprise your grandparents, or are just wondering what candy tasted like back in the day, this is a pretty sweet option.

(via Food & Wine)