A Visual Tour Of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ In Queens, NY

Life Writer

This week’s Parts Unknown saw Anthony Bourdain travel from his home in Manhattan to the far away hamlet of Queens, showing what a difference 30 minutes on the ⑦ train can make. Bourdain is a pro at imbuing local spots with his trademark sense of discovery and this episode was no exception. With the famed host at the helm, Queens is revealed as a classic American melting pot — diverse, eclectic, and full of unique influences.

More than any episode this season, Bourdain’s Queens adventure reveals that he still believes in America. He reminds us of this in his narration, “It’s America—when America was still seen and believed to be an idea: a place for people from all over the world to be free, to better their lives, to build a new future.” That, the chef hopes, is the America we should all be striving for.

Let’s take a dive into the visually stunning meals and scenes from this week’s episode — which reminds us that you don’t need to cross continents to explore.

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