Patton Oswalt Penned A Moving Essay On His New Life As A Single Father For GQ

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Patton Oswalt’s open discussion about his grief and his relationship with his daughter has been an unexpected positive out of tragedy. As Oswalt says at the start his essay in the latest GQ, it’s been 5 months and ten days since he became a single father in what is likely the worst way possible. As has been said before, grief and what follows is something we all deal with at some point. But at the same time, that universal nature has a different path for each person. It’s weird and there’s no catch-all solution.

In this essay, Oswalt highlights just what happens when you lose that pillar in your life. The person who makes the lists knows your thoughts, and makes it all work to get through this life. It isn’t that you’re leaning on that person, it’s more that they’re around and you’re a team. Then suddenly you’ve broken apart and you suddenly have to figure out how to function without your teammate. And for Oswalt, he had the added challenge of caring for his daughter through it all.

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