A Step By Step Guide To Planning The Perfect Holiday Date For ‘The One’


There’s something about the holidays that fills us with a kind of romantic idealism. Maybe it’s the cold weather, but all we want to do is crawl back under the covers with our significant other and make out all day — breaking only to drink hot toddys by a roaring fire. There are chocolate-covered strawberries too at some point in this scenario.

But as we daydream about picking out Christmas trees, ice skating, and kisses as the clock strikes midnight, we often find these fantasies shattered by the day to day realities. Because, more often than not, holidays involve last minute work deadlines, trying to find parking spaces by the mall so we can buy presents for our nieces and nephews, and schlepping ourselves in between various relatives’ houses. It’s less “romantic makeout time” and more, “hugs from people you haven’t seen in a year” time.

While all that can be lovely, when it comes to your partnership it can feel like the whole thing has become about everyone else but you two. Which is a shame, because there’s no cozier time to connect with the one you love. Which gave us a thought. Maybe the best gift you can give to each other during the holidays is to carve out some time for that winter romance.

Of course, you’re probably not going to get that on the big, family days, so instead of celebrating when everyone else does, why not create your own date on the calendar for just the two of you to exchange gifts? Your personal holiday won’t be about other people, it’ll be about winding down, relaxing, and having eyes only for each other. With that idea in mind, we’ve planned an hour-by-hour date that is sure to remind her: She’s the one and you’ll always have the time for just you two.

1-2 weeks before, have her clear her calendar.


Okay, technically we’re starting off with something not on the actual day, but you want to make sure your dream date doesn’t fall on a day she has to work or promised her girlfriend she’d help her organize her sock drawer (we know she is constantly heading to friends’ apartments to organize sock drawers, what can you say? You fell in love with a sock organizing hobbyist).

So, pick a date that you’re reasonably sure you’re both free and then surprise her with a “Just Because” card. In it, write that you have a special holiday day planned for X date, and she should plan on being totally free from morning to night.

Pro tip: There is nothing sexier than knowing you have a special day coming that you didn’t have to plan and that your boyfriend or girlfriend is orchestrating specifically around what you love.

8:00 am: Breakfast in bed.