Want To Make $100K Traveling The World? Get Your Camera Ready


If you’re a photographer, you’re probably sick of freelancing. Weddings, parties, band photos, engagements — it can be draining. You set out to be some roving NatGeo explorer and you ended up clicking photos of extended families all dressed in white shirts and jeans like they’re in a dang cult. Well, get ready to clear your schedule — because this next opportunity sounds like a photog’s dream.

A wealthy, high profile British family is looking for a professional photographer to commit to twelve months of around the world travel spent snapping photos of them, starting this February. The lucky photographer will receive a salary of $101,849 (£80,000), full sick pay, and 30 holidays, all while visiting destinations like Monaco, the Maldives, New Orleans, and Val d’Isere. The shifts are 10 hours, which isn’s a breeze, but photographing a family at Mardi Gras isn’t exactly “the vulture and the Sudanese child.

The anonymous family is looking for someone with five years of experience shooting lifestyle shots, and applicants can expect a lengthy background-checking process. The family will also be holding weekend-long interviews to see if the chemistry is right and are open to extending the offer past the 12 months if you’re open to it. Saying “the family” sure does sound shady, but due to the high profile nature of the father’s job, they’d like to keep their identity under wraps until they start to narrow down the applicants.

In addition to the generous salary and constant travel, the lucky photographer will also have travel expenses, food, and accommodations provided. Seriously, how are you not already applying? Think of all the great photos you can take on your off-hours while you travel around the world as part of a wealthy entourage. Think of the stories! Not only is this a dream job, but it sounds like an absolute life-changer.

Here’s the full request, made to photography cooking agency Perfocal:


Check out the full details and apply on Perfocal. Good luck!