Polaroid Launched A Mandalorian-Inspired Star Wars Camera

Since Disney now owns Star Wars, we should expect to be flooded with a near-constant output of Star Wars-branded memorabilia on a yearly basis. Some of it will make sense — like being able to build and purchase your very own lightsaber at Disneyland (very cool) — while some will feel slightly more random — like an entire sneaker line designed after the characters in the franchise’s almost 50-year history.

Today brings a collab that lands right in the middle — a Mandalorian-inspired Polaroid instant camera. The instant camera arrives to honor of the season two premiere of the Disney+ hit The Mandalorian, borrowing colors and textures from the armor of the series’ main character, Din Djarin.


The Beskar steel-resembling camera sports all of the usual Polaroid functions like an autofocus lens system, a built-in self-timer, and a dynamic flash, but also features double exposure capabilities, allowing you to create some truly DIY experimental images. Releasing alongside the camera is a set of Baby Yoda inspired I-Type Film that features colored borders with insignias and imagery from the series.

While a Polaroid camera might seem like a blatant cash-grab, this analog approach to memorabilia ties in nicely with the show’s back-to-basics aesthetic. The Mandalorian-themed Polaroid Now camera is available now at the Polaroid webstore for a retail price of $119.