We’re Asking Experts To Answer Your Questions About Consent, Gender, And #MeToo


The #MeToo Movement has ushered in a growing awareness of issues around consent, assault, and harassment. In an effort to add to the discussion, we’re preparing a post that will help provide answers to well-intentioned men who may not feel comfortable asking their questions in public.

Instead, we’re asking readers to submit their queries anonymously to us. In one week, they will be vetted and passed along to a group of women — including Sara Benincasa, Sovereign Syre, Elle Stanger, Cate Young, Emily Morse, Chauntelle Tibbals, and Casey Brienza. These women will provide responses and help explain points of confusion. This will all be compiled and published in the days to come.

If you have genuine, open-minded questions for which you have never received satisfactory answers, please submit them for use. They will remain completely anonymous.