A Simple Act Of Kindness Was Rewarded With A $500 Tip

Nowadays turning on the news only guarantees one thing: depression. Well, maybe two things, if you count Katrina Pierson manipulating history on a news channel in an attempt to shape a narrative of the Trump campaign. That fact makes it extra-special when a random act of kindness pops up and makes us remember that the world isn’t a total loss.

Kasey Simmons, a man who works at a Dallas-area Applebee’s restaurant, is today’s breath of fresh air. Simmons was in a local grocery store when he noticed an elderly woman behind him in line crying. He struck up a conversation with her, and ended up being gracious and paying for her $17 worth of groceries. According to Simmons his reasoning for helping out a stranger that was obviously having a rough day was surprisingly a bit self-serving.

“It’s selfish really,” Simmons said. “When people smile, I feel better. It lightens my world.”

If the story ended here, it would be good in of itself. What makes this story even more amazing is the woman’s daughter found out about what Simmons had done for her mother, and sought him out to thank him in a huge way.

The woman found Simmons during his shift at Applebee’s and ordered the cheapest thing on the menu; flavored water that cost all of thirty-seven cents. When the bill came the woman left a note on a napkin thanking Simmons for comforting her mother on what was the third anniversary of her husband’s death, along with a $500 tip.

“My mother did not need you to help her, but you made her year,” the daughter wrote.

So there you have it; the next time you’re waiting in line to pay for your eggs and bananas, don’t be afraid to say hello to the person next to you in line — you never know how far some simple conversation can go for some.