‘Parts Unknown’ Sent Anthony Bourdain To The Ends Of The Earth

Life Writer


After a break for Memorial Day weekend, Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown‘ came back to the airwaves with a monumental episode. Bourdain was in Antarctica to explore the world of fuelees, wastees, beakers, and carps. That’s Antarctic lingo for vehicle fuelers, clean up crews, scientists, and carpenters, respectively.

Did he like the experience? Seems so. Bourdain lovingly tells us that “Antarctica is the last un-fucked-up place on Earth.”

The whole episode was a hypnotic look into the day-to-day life of the mad ones who choose to call Antartica home. The show also played like Bourdain and CNN’s latest salvo, fired directly at the Trump administration’s ineptitude when it comes to anything science related. Bourdain flat out says in the episode, “at a time when science is held in open contempt, when painfully acquired data is actually being deleted from computers if it conflicts with preconceived policies, these guys are looking at some deep stuff.”

Travel TV fighting battles to preserve science. These are, indeed, strange times in which we live.


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