Will Reese’s New ‘Outrageous Bar’ Become The Next Halloween Classic?

Last week, there was a very serious (read: totally un-serious) debate around these parts about whether or not Reese’s cups are a candy bar or… some other category of chef-beloved delicacy. Well, breathe easy friends, because Reese’s newest confection is most certainly a “bar” — it’s also wicked good.

Longtime cup aficionados, we were sent an early sample of the Reese’s outrageous bar this week. It’s still so fresh on the scene that the package is blank, with a taped-on label. The bar isn’t even slated to hit stores until mid-2018, but it was released early in Michigan this week as part of a Halloween stunt.

So how does it taste? It tastes like Reese’s stuff, which is really good.

The company’s proprietary brand peanut butter has always been its best feature and that holds true here. In fact, the reason that Reese’s eggs, pumpkins, hearts, and Christmas trees trump the cups is that their chocolate-to-peanut-butter quotient is better — a little chocolate goes a long way when it comes to Reese’s. The aforementioned golden ratio isn’t present here and the hyper-sugary milk chocolate puts the whole affair in danger of being too sweet.

What rescues the bar is those Reese’s pieces embedded inside. Not only are they a nice textural change, but they also bring hits of savory (at random intervals) to cut through the chocolate.

The verdict? This works. In fact, it’s a near classic for any lover of Reese’s cups who is refined enough to appreciate a little textural shift. If reese’s decides to do the same bar with slightly more bitter dark chocolate? Look out, kids, your parents will steal it every time.

If you can’t wait for May to try this, just put a cup and a handful of Reese’s pieces in the microwave for 18 seconds and stir it around. That should get your Halloween juices flowing.