A Love Letter To The Grand Champion Of Halloween Candies

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10.31.16 14 Comments

A few weeks ago, a map from the review-app Influenster claimed to know the favorite Halloween candies of each state. The methodology had all sorts of problems, as anyone who’d ever visited the supposedly Toblerone-obsessed state of Arizona might surely attest. As a born and bread Oregonian, I was able to call foul right away. We don’t mess with Candy Corn. But the biggest and most obvious error was that only two tiny states (Rhode Island & Connecticut) picked Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as their favorite. Insanity.

When CandyStore.com released their own infographic, it was slightly more reasonable (but not much). Tootsie Rolls were out, but the company had the audacity to suggest that Saltwater Taffy was most beloved candy in California. Still, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups had five spots on lockdown. Oregon included. Not surprisingly, the CandyStore map caused less outrage online.

As The Ringer later pointed out, both measurements had all sorts of flaws. Since most of the candy in U.S. is sold at grocers and mini-marts, getting a clear ideas of sales numbers in this $35 billion dollar/ year industry would require info from K-Mart, Vons, Kroger, etc. A true map of the most-purchased candies in the country would probably prove relatively straightforward, with a lot of Hershey’s and Mars products across the board.


Appearing on exactly zero “favorite candy” lists.

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