These Robot Chefs In China Put Your Cooking Skills To Shame, But Don’t Expect The Robot Uprising

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A duo of robot “chefs” are whipping up orders of ramen in 90 seconds flat for hungry and pathetic flesh bags (that’s what the robots call humans) in Shanghai’s Hongkou District. At a cool $154,000 they’re probably the most expensive ramen chefs you could pay for, even though they can’t cook noodles and can only make beef ramen.

So if you’re fearing that this signals the end of human jobs, with a robotic uprising casting a shadow as the machines roll over the horizon – don’t. At least not yet. Right now, the robot ramen preparers (because they aren’t quite chefs) are a bit of a paradox for restaurant owners. The robot-made ramen is more expensive, and it’s made by robots. What if you have to send it back? And why should you pay more for robot-made ramen? Furthermore, while the robots should speed up the process soon (by ten seconds according to the report above), what happens if the robots break? What is the upkeep cost and how will that be passed on to consumers?

As of right now, the novelty of buying ramen prepared by robots is fascinating, but after one trip, would you really keep going back for more expensive ramen when you can get a variety of ramen anywhere else cheaper and with a human touch?

(Via Mic)

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