How A Love Of Running Changed One NYPD Captain’s Life

04.09.18 1 year ago

Nicholas Fiore

There are few jobs that require the constant mental sharpness and physical prowess of a law enforcement officer. The ability to quickly read a potentially hostile environment and to handle oneself in a confrontation can mean the difference between life and death. It’s about being alert, “on”, and also sensitive to complex situations.

In order to keep his mind and body in peak condition, the New York Police Department’s Nicholas Fiore never missed a run during his days patrolling the streets as a young officer working in anti-crime — whether it meant throwing the gear on in the dead of night or as the sun came up after working a swing shift.

“No matter what hour I got home, I made sure I did two things before I closed my eyes,” says Fiore. “I saw my wife and I went on a run.”

Years later, Fiore was nearly sidelined by a close call with cancer, which required him to have half of his thyroid removed. Suddenly, those runs became more than a fitness output, but also part of a regime that has kept him healthy and strong — not just for his high-stakes job, but also for his two daughters.

“That’s when it really went from a hobby to a ritual,” Fiore says. “I dedicated myself to it.”

Through commitment to the job and the community, Fiore succeeded in gaining the trust of the public and the respect of his department — becoming the Commanding Officer of Brooklyn North Detective Operations. He currently oversees 10 precinct detective squads and the Brooklyn North Homicide Task Force. Uproxx spoke with Fiore last week to talk about how running has helped him accomplish his goals and up his game over the course of his career as a first responder.

Nicholas Fiore

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