Bill Clinton And Bernie Sanders Both Hit Up In-N-Out, And Californians Were Very Pleased

The way to a voter’s heart is through her stomach, right? That must have been the advice given to both the Sanders and the Clinton campaigns, as both camps have been stopping at some of California’s most iconic eateries in their pre-primary tours of the state. Amongst these is, arguably, California’s greatest in-state product, the In-N-Out Burger.

On the 3rd, Bernie ordered a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda from a restaurant in the town of Pinole, playing around on his iPad while he waited for his food, and then sharing his meal with kids in the restaurant. Animal style? Monkey style? Can we get away with making a “feel the bern”/ heartburn joke?

You have to love the seriousness and gravity of it all. Is he ordering or talking to that employee about how the rich are getting richer while they flips burgers?

On the Clinton side of things, it was actually former president and now-vegan Bill Clinton, representing his wife, who placed an order for 50 burgers and fries at a San Fernando Valley location. Eater speculates that the order was for campaign staff.

Insert “hands-y Clinton” joke here.

How did Californians react to the visits?

Well, okay, mostly by getting into political debates and posting whacky Bernie/Trump memes, at least on the Sanders side of things, but there were some happy Californians, albeit with important questions for the candidate:

Others liked to imagine what Sanders was lecturing the workers on:

And there were, of course, the tweets of support from those who #feelthebern:

As for Clinton’s visit, a lot of people took the opportunity to rib him for his most well-known accomplishment in office, but we’re not going to share those tweets here.

What it all comes down to is put best by Twitter user @Spaceman Chris:

(H/T: Eater)