Thousands Of Seal Pups Are Frolicking At A NZ Waterfall

There are facts and details that go with this story, but they’re kind of incidental. The only thing that matters is that thousands of baby seals are chilling at a waterfall. Y’know, just playing, cuddling, and doing so much adorable sh*t that we’re all going to turn into puddles of mush. I’m certain of this because I’ve used the word “cute” once in the past year prior to today, and roughly 35,000 times since seeing this video.

If you want to know why this story is relevant or timely, I’ll indulge [you fact-driven, emotionless robot]:

Kaikoura may not be a major American destination just yet, but expect it to become the Vegas of New Zealand when the word gets out.

I mean…

…you crazy seals!

[Hat tip to and HuffPo]