A Guide To Savoring The Good Life In Bali’s Thriving Expat Community


Who are you without the daily grind? Who might you be? Perhaps a more authentic version of yourself? Living off the grid, pursuing your passions, chasing big dreams. Or maybe just an overall happier person? Drinking smoothies, surfing, and practicing yoga poolside. Taking joy in the little things (even things you used to tease).

This is the world a spiking number of young, professional, digital nomads have embraced in Bali. Many of them are refugees from big cities — escpaing the daily grind, the hours spent in buses and subways, the pollution, and the endless rushing around. Others come for the surf. Or the yoga. Or just want something simplier and more affordable.

As someone who did exactly that, I’m here to guide you through the reasons why:



What does being an expat mean in 2017? Back in the days when I dreamed of being an expat, I thought of Hemmingway in Cuba or Bogart in Casablanca. Expats were rebellious, well dressed creative geniuses looking for inspiration and respite somewhere more freeing and daring. Today, an expat is simply someone who chooses to make a life in a place other than where they were born.

Thanks to globalization, it’s become easier than ever to make a move abroad. Yet, expats have been coming to Bali for years. In my short time living on the island I’ve met people who have been there for 20 and even 25 years. Some members of this community are the sons and daughters of expats, who live on and off Bali, others brought their whole families over after a decision to push the reset button on their lives. Others are retired. Many, like me, work remotely and chose Bali for it’s uncanny ability to make you the truest version of yourself — constantly discovering, learning, and facing new challenges.

Not only do people come from all over the world to settle in Bali, they come from all around Indonesia too. It’s a true melting pot of spiritual pursuit and opportunities for self discovery. While Singapore, Australia and Netherlands lead the ranks of best countries to relocate to according to Conde Nast Traveller, to me, none of these places have the added element of mystery, spirituality, and wellbeing that Bali affords.