Watching This Guy Break A Skateboarding Speed Record Will Make You Appreciate Your Health

Mischo Erban likes to go fast. How fast? Officially, 59.55 mph. On a modified longboard. In Piran, Slovenia.

The 32-year-old recently set the world record for the fastest speed on an electric skateboard, racing down one of the Portorož airport’s entirely flat runways on a NEXTBoard, which he controlled with a handheld remote. And of course the folks at Guinness were there to record the whole thing.

“Guinness World Records helps drive innovation and individuality,” Erban explained after his incredible feat. “Before GWR, people and companies were kind of locked into previously existing competitions and disciplines, but then the dynamism of record breaking opened up a space and let us go into new directions. And I like setting new directions and achieving!”

Enough that he’s willing to take a wipeout at nearly 60 mph… ouch. Erban also holds the record for the fastest standing skateboard speed downhill, which he achieved on a notoriously steep stretch of road in Quebec in 2014.

“I am attracted by speed—and have learned to master the danger,” he said. To which even the skater’s most FOMO-driven fellow humans, people who want to try everything and really suck the marrow out of life responded: “Do you, buddy. We’re going to sit this one out.”