Jas Prince’s’ Slapwoods Brand Provides A Luxurious Hand-Rolled Smoking Experience For Your Top Shelf Bud

There are few smoking experiences that rival the pleasure of smoking a properly rolled blunt. A good hand-rolled cigar burns slow, steady, fills the air with the aromatic tones of tobacco and dark chocolate, and produces a smooth and flavorful smoke. Done right, a blunt makes your toking experience as much about savoring the taste of the cigar paper as it does about getting high.

Having said that, rolling a proper blunt is a straight-up pain in the ass. Huge hassle all the way around.

When it comes to rolling blunts, you’re dealing with a lot of potential issues — sourcing quality tobacco leaves, grinding a bunch of weed, and getting it all rolled up without dropping product all over the floor. Worse still is having to deal with disassembling a corner store Swisher Sweet (or Phillies Blunt or Backwoods cigar) and filling it up with your weed. Sure, this works in a pinch but it’s wasteful and can muddle the quality of your top-shelf herb with chemical-tasting artificial fruit flavors or dusty dry leaf notes.

Happily for us, we’re living in an age where stoners are spoiled with choices and tools geared toward making the blunt rolling experience easier. And one of our favorite options is Jas Prince’s Slapwoods (a tongue-in-cheek reference to OG cigar brand Backwoods, perhaps?). Prince is an entrepreneur, mogul, and the founder of the Young Empire Music Group. More importantly for today’s purposes, he’s a stoner — which is probably why his Sapwood’s products feel tailor-made for a better smoking experience.

Let’s break it down:

Slapwood’s Cigar Cones/ Cigar Wraps

Slapwoods Review
Dane Rivera

If you hate the hassle of rolling blunts, Slapwood’s Cigar Cones makes life waaaaay easier. The cones are packaged three to a pack and feature thick aromatic wraps pre-assembled in a tall conical shape with a corn husk tip filter. The packs have everything you need for the perfect blunt — each cone is loaded with a Slapwoods insert that helps the virgin cigar cone retain its shape and serves as a funnel for your bud, which can be better-packed thanks to the wooden pick that comes supplied in each pouch.

The leaf itself is pretty sturdy, without being dry, and can handle a dense pack with a lot of handling. Nothing is worse than ruining a wrap because you have rough hands. When I tried Slapwoods, it was able to stand up to some considerable abuse.

Be warned though, you’re going to need a lot of weed to fill one of these things, and I mean a lot.

Slapwoods Review
Dane Rivera

I double ground 1.5 grams of fresh herb and still had more room than I’d like to spare, but each cone can be easily cut or folded in to make up for any gaps. This makes the wrap perfect for sharing with a circle of friends, a loved one, or for a sustained smoking session for those Snoop-level stars who like a long session.

When I finally lit up, soothing coffee-like tones filled my immediate vicinity (important to consider if you have smoke-hating neighbors, this stuff is powerful) and the Russian Cream flavored cone helped add some smooth vanilla and earthy tobacco and chocolate notes to my bud, supplying a smooth drag with a savor-worthy flavor. The quality of the tobacco leaf is great, it’s hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic, burns evenly, and never comes across as harsh or dirty tasting, like more low-quality leaves.

The Cigar Cones are definitely worth picking up if you love smoking blunts but hate rolling them, but let us make the case for Slapwoods Cigar Wraps as an even better option.

Slapwoods Review
Dane Rivera

I know I just spent paragraphs applauding Slapwoods for making the act of hand-rolling rolling cannabis in tobacco leaves more convenient, but the wraps are where it is truly at. They slap. Coming five to a pack in an easily resealable pouch, these are made to retain freshness. You still get that same smooth luxurious Russian Cream flavor, with leaves that are a noticeable step up in quality. They’re remarkably supple, soft to the touch, and incredibly natural. They feel like… well, exactly like a dried leaf, and if all you’ve ever had is a Swisher wrap, this is a whole other world.

It’s like comparing well-level Jack Daniels to a Lagavulin 16. If you’re smoking high-quality bud that is truly worthy and wanting of a premium delivery method, you have to make it Slapwoods Cigar Wraps.

The Bottom Line:

Slapwoods Review
Dane Rivera

If you value convenience, grab the Slapwoods Cigar Cones. If you’re all about a supreme and luxurious experience, you have to go with the Cigar Wraps. Either way, at the end of the day Slapwoods levels up your smoking game like few brands can.

Shop Slapwoods products at the official Slapwoods site.