Our Weed Writers Name Their Favorite Cannabis Pre-Rolls On The Market

4/20 is upon us. And few things hit the spot on the great stoner holiday like a quality pre-roll — one so good that it will get you blasted until (or into!) tomorrow. Taking a smooth drag from a joint or blunt, coaxing out that intoxicating smoke, and enjoying a euphoria-inducing head change on the morning of 4/20 feels… almost ceremonial in nature.

So don’t waste your time smoking mid-tier weed to kick off herb’s big day. Get things rolling by reaching for quality.

With weed now legal in 16 states (big shout out to New York, fashionably late to the party as always) and Washington D.C., there’s a lot of product out there. But let’s face it, it’s not all good; some of it is downright unsmokeable. That’s why we put together this list of the best pre-roll joints and blunts currently on the market.

Let’s dive in without any more delay — so that you can make the most of your holiday!

3CFarms Gelato 33 5-pack (Jackie Bryant)


Strain: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene. Caryophyllene. Myrcene.
THC: 21.59%

Average Retail Price: $42.95

The Experience

Covered in orange hairs, these pre-rolls are sweetly citrus-heavy in both taste and smell.

The Bottom Line

This is a mellow cultivar with a pleasant head and body high. It’s not too overpowering, so it’s ideal for socializing.

Stone Road Girl Scout Cookies 5-pack (Jackie Bryant)

Stone Road

Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: caryophyllene, limonene, linalool
THC: 22.7%
CBD: 0.07%

Average Retail Price: $20

The Experience

True to its name, these Girl Scout Cookies half-gram pre-rolls have an almost sweet floral smell and taste. These are half-gram joints, which are easy to finish in one setting whether the smoker is one person or puff-puff-passing.

The Bottom Line

22 percent is something of a Goldilocks THC percentage — not too high, not too low, but just right. The perfect high. This is a cerebral, upper of a high that’s perfect for daytime toking.

Connected Gelonade Pre-Roll (Dane Rivera)


Strain: Sativa Dominant
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene
THC: 25.2%

Average Retail Price: $19

The Experience

A cross between Lemontree and Gelato 41, this Sativa dominant strain out of California company Connected took first place for Sativa flower at the Cannabis Cup. As soon as you light up the one-gram pre-roll, you’ll understand why. Featuring a citrus-forward flavor with hints of mango and a strong diesel aroma, Gelonade packs a creativity-focused high energy high.

The Bottom Line

A great uplifting daytime strain for those looking for a good high that won’t drag you down into couch-lock territory.

Caviar Gold Cavi Cone (Dane Rivera)

Strain: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid.
Dominant Terpenes: Not Available.
THC: 48-52%

Average Retail Price: $20

The Experience

Caviar Gold’s claim to fame is that the brand produces the highest potency pre-rolls on the market, and in 2021 that’s still true. With a THC level that hovers around a jaw-dropping 50 percent — thanks to each pre-roll being dipped in 92 percent true liquid THC and then dusted in kief — the Cavi Cone is so strong it’ll get you blasted to the moon … the moon of a far off parallel universe.

Each Cavi Cone is available in a number of strains and flavors, but they’re essentially interchangeable as they’re all pretty strong. So unless you’re an experienced smoker, look elsewhere. But if you’re into a mind-expanding, body-tingling experience, it rarely gets better than this.

Unfortunately Caviar Gold doesn’t make a habit of listing the terpene profile for each flavor of Cavi Cone. So you’ll have to shop along the archaic lines of indica, sativa, or hybrid.

The Bottom Line

A powerful pre-roll not for the faint of heart. Unless you’re an experienced heavy smoker, the Cavi Cone probably isn’t for you. If you’re in Snoop-Rogen range, be sure to grab a Cavi Cone to turn your 4/20 into a near psychedelic adventure.

St. Ides x Mission Green 2g Diamond-Infused Blunt (Dane Rivera)

St. Ides

Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Not Available.
THC: 30%+

Average Retail Price: $45

The Experience

Wonderfully fragrant, this two-gram diamond-infused blunt from St. Ides and Weldon Angelos’ Project Mission Green features whole nuggets of St. IDES potent indoor flower blended with THCa crystals and hand-rolled into a thick slow-burning blunt. The smoke is remarkably milky and smooth (perfect for blowing smoke rings, a 4/20 pastime) with a high that hits you almost instantly. It goes straight to your head for a cerebral experience that’ll turn anything you’re doing into the funniest thing to happen all day (no matter how mundane).

A portion of sales from each Mission Green blunt will go directly to Mission Green to help secure the release of people serving time for cannabis offenses.

The Bottom Line

Powerful and flavorful, the Mission Green blunt is a giggle-inducing slow-burning option for those looking to stretch out their 4/20 experience with a single blunt. Once you’re high enough, put it out and place it back in the glass tube it comes packaged in.

Cannabiotix Cereal Milk Pre-Roll (Dane Rivera)


Strain: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene
THC: 29%-33%

Average Retail Price: $14

The Experience

Although not the strongest pre-roll on this list, few things have gotten me higher in my life than this .7 gram pre-roll from Cannabiotix. Featuring a cross between Strawberry Lemonade and Thick Mint Cookies, Cannabiotix Cereal Milk features light green crystal-filled bud with notes of bright citrus and herbal pine that results in a joyful and slightly euphoric experience, despite this being an indica dominant strain.

Don’t expect couch-lock or a strain that will knock you out quickly. Instead, Cereal Milk will provide you with a relaxing but non-lazy high, great for lighting up before a beachside stroll.

The Bottom Line

Strikes a nice balance between indica and sativa, this hybrid strain will have you relaxed one minute, and breaking out into a giggling fit the next.

Lowell — Lowell Smokes 6-pack (Dane Rivera)


Strain: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Not available
THC: 17%-20%

Average Retail Price: $40

The Experience

It’s hard not to love everything about Lowell Farms 6-packs. They’re packed with high-quality herb grown in California, available in hybrid, sativa, and indica blends, and come packaged in a beautiful magnetic flip-top box complete with wooden matchsticks and a strip to light them on, giving you absolutely everything you’ll need to enjoy one of these mid-sized pre-rolls as soon as you open the pack.

The Bottom Line

The best pre-roll packaging on the market, Lowell Farms provides everything you need to need to get a strong but manageable high. Best of all, they’re just the right size and potency to get a good high without getting you so high that you’ll forget where you live.

Monogram No.1 Handroll (Dane Rivera)


Strain: Indica
Dominant Terpenes: Not Available
THC: 27.5%

Retail Price: $50

The Experience

Closing out our list of the finest pre-rolls is Jay-Z’s Monogram OG Handroll. Okay yes, a $50 joint is downright ridiculous, we don’t care if Jay-Z rolled it himself. But the OG Handroll really is quite a luxurious experience. Similar to a cigar, this heavy Indica strain burns remarkably slowly and evenly, enabling you to experience multiple sessions from a single joint.

But we’re going to go ahead and recommend against that. In order to enjoy the strain’s mix of sweet and skunky flavors and aromas, it’s best to just knock this baby out in one sitting. You’ll be left with a cerebral high that’ll stretch for hours and have you lost in thought.

The Bottom Line

Strong, luxurious, and pricey. Monogram’s OG handroll is best enjoyed as a nightcap, as it’s strong high will send you crashing.