Stephen Colbert Hilariously Spoofs ‘Chopped’ With Melissa McCarthy And Ben Falcone

04.06.16 3 years ago

You know when you’re a kid and you have aspirations of being a big chef, and so you put together absurd combinations of ingredients and make your younger siblings eat them? Imagine that, but with Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone playing you, and Stephen Colbert playing the exploited younger sibling.

That’s exactly what happened on last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After the two (who, let’s be honest, could not be any cuter if they tried) admitted to watching Chopped with their kids and Colbert asked them if they ever wanted to be on the show.

“I would love to be on it,” McCarthy said, followed by Falcone’s affirmation, “Oh, it’d be great.”

“See,” Colbert continued, “I would love to do be able to do that here, but it’s an hour-long show…so we would have to take everything that happens on Chopped and just smoosh it down into like, 4 minutes or something.”

And thus was born Smooshed, the 4-minute-long parody of Chopped. All the drama, all the horrific ingredients, none of the time commitment. If you want to know how to make a quick amuse-bouche out of bologna, peanut butter, pickles, saltine crackers, and mini-marshmallows, just check out the video above. It’s worth it just to see Stephen Colbert’s reaction after eating McCarthy’s creation from a large spoon. Just make sure you aren’t, you know, eating lunch or anything. Because the contestants on Smooshed turn out some pretty horrifying stuff.

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