The New Snickers Print Ad Is A Photo Hunt For Adults

Snickers has decided to develop a grown-up version of a Highlights Magazine “Spot the Difference” game.

The candy company recently published this photo on the back cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. It’s part of their “If you’re being a jerk, eat a Snickers” campaign, in which they compare someone lacking in caramel and nougat to Betty White or Danny Trejo. In this case, a nameless photo retoucher forgets how to use Photoshop when he’s hungry:

According to AdWeek, the ad agency BBDO New York — who designed the photo — put a total of 11 retouching errors in the ad. So far, we can only spot 10, unless we’re counting the bracelets on the model’s left hand. You have to embiggen to view the little details, like her funky eyeball.

I’m pretty sure that most guys won’t mind that the model is missing half of her leg, though. If they were really going for the gusto with failed Photoshops, they would’ve tried something like the Adam Sandler/Click poster fiasco:

Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Tumblr. The worst part is, the more I look at this, the more it looks like the work of Andy Warhol’s slightly less talented brother. “Pop artists get derivative when they’re a little hungry!”

(h/t PetaPixel)

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