Truly Memorable Gifts For The Female Solo Adventurer In Your Life

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Traveling by yourself is one of life’s great joys. There’s something empowering and refreshing to have it all on you — a trip where you pick where you wander based on your own feelings and whims. Want to get up at 6am and hike to a waterfall? Do it. Want to sleep in and “waste a morning” but feel totally rested and amazing after partying the night before? It’s your call. Want to abandon your plan at the last minute because you meet some cool people going in the opposite direction? You’re the captain now.

That kind of travel can be absolutely thrilling. It can also be lonely. It can be dangerous (especially for women). It can be exhausting. But that’s the adventure, too. It’s all part of it. And if the special lady in your life loves to pick up and travel the world, that’s probably what you love about her — that fearless spirit and that ability to turn life into a collection of epic moments.

If you have a solo adventurer in your life this Christmas, show her that you love the way she embraces life and traveling (on her own terms) by giving her a gift that will make life on the road even better.

This infinity scarf that holds her passport, money, and phone

Price: $13.99


This is an extremely multifunctional scarf. It’s perfect with any outfit on chillier days, it can be used as a pillow on planes, buses or trains, AND it has a secret zippered pocket that holds your phone, money, and passport. Being able to just bring a backpack and not worry about a purse when you’re out and about is key when you’re trying to keep your whole life in bags, especially if you’re smaller. The more you have to carry and keep track of, the more likely you are to leave something vital somewhere on the road. This scarf keeps everything you need right on you and is a great gift for her that’s thoughtful (while also super cheap!).

Buy it here.

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