Buckle Up, Nerds: The First Official ‘Star Wars’ Themed Flights Are Happening Now

Have you ever wanted to travel through the air in an airplane version of R2-D2? Okay first of all, that’s crazy. Royal N-1 starfighters are so much cooler. But I guess if you can’t zip around in a replica of one of those, this is almost as cool.

Back in September, Japan’s All Nippon Airways unveiled a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner modeled after Artoo in Everett, Washington. The ceremony was, of course, attended by C-3P0 and R2-D2. Word is that yet again, Threepio was beside himself. Hahaha, prequel jokes.

The passengers of the inaugural flight on Saturday got all dressed up and filled the plane with stormtroopers, so many wee padawan and a Chewbacca costume that might have started out as a Cannibal Holocaust get-up and will 100% haunt my nightmares. Check out the full gallery and all of their badass cosplay at the All Nippon Airways Facebook page.

The plane is set for international flights out of Haneda to Vancouver, Jakarta, Sydney, Seattle, Beijing, Brussels, San Jose, Munich and Paris over the course of the next few months. Disney-owned Lucasfilm Ltd. and All Nippon Airways will actually collaborate on three droid-themed planes, but realistically it’s all downhill from the Artoo one.

Via Mashable