This Starbucks Christmas Drink, A Shaken Espresso With A Twist, Is Going Viral On TikTok

There is something about heading home to spend time with your family that just invokes the urge to devour caffeine and sugar. Are you stressed about seeing your siblings for the first time in months? Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of buying presents? Are you cold and under-caffeinated? Is there a man super-gluing his hand to the coffee bar? It must be time for a hand-crafted beverage!

As always, there is a trendy new take on winter beverages this year that has been sweeping the nation….that nation being TikTok. The latest Starbucks concoction was created by an employee known as CozyBarista on TikTok who insisted that her followers have to try this holiday drink, which consists of a brown sugar shaken espresso drink topped with that coveted peppermint cold foam.

Obviously, any trend has its doubters: other baristas in the comments critiqued the way that the drink was made. Since there are approximately 400,000 Starbucks workers, it’s not surprising that there are other ways to make things, but that might alter just how good the drink is…though it will probably be enjoyable either way.

Speaking of making things, this drink could probably be created at home, which would save you about $9 and give you the opportunity to show off your barista skills to your family. Or you can just have someone make it for you instead. That’s the American Dream, anyway!

(Via Mashable)