Relatable Queen Anya Taylor-Joy Boldly Claims That Cooking Is Pointless: ‘We Have Delivery, We Have Takeout’

There are definitely a lot of beautifully-shot cooking shows out there that teach you about cooking while also asking thought-provoking questions about life and various iterations of carbs. And for some people, that’s enough to inspire them to learn how to cook good, hearty meals. For other (cooler and smarter) people, cooking is simply pointless.

Take Anya Taylor-Joy, for example. She is the epitome of cool and chill, and she is disinterested in cooking, which means cooking is not cool anymore. “It’s just more that it doesn’t really interest me,” Taylor-Joy told Page Six while at the premiere of her new movie The Menu. She added, “I’m not going to lie to you. I feel like we have delivery, we have takeout.” She’s right! If somebody out there can make it better than you and bring it to your house, why would you take the time to make it yourself? Sure, it’s expensive and takes a long time, but that’s not interesting.

The Menu stars Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult as a couple who go out to eat at an exclusive restaurant, where some things on the menu are definitely not intended to be consumed. Maybe that’s why she prefers to order out?

“I’m somebody who gets hanxious — hungry [and] anxious — so I just have to eat something,” she continued, “I need to eat regularly, so I need something to fill my stomach, I don’t care what it is.” Sometimes, you just need to order soup from Panera, because no matter how many times you try it will never be as good as the real thing.

Meanwhile, Hoult said he “knows how to follow a recipe.” Whatever that means.

(Via Page Six)