There’s A New Sushi/Burrito Hybrid At Starbucks And We’re Not Sure What To Think

Starbucks likes to keep up with trends as much as they love setting them (Purple drink 4 eva). They are the world champions of releasing rainbow-unicorn-sugar monstrosities to spike our collective glucose to crazy highs. Now it seems they’re putting sugar to the side to test the Frankenfood waters at their new Mercato stores. The most fusion-y of their new offerings is their Chicken Maki Roll ‘Burrito’ listed under ‘sandwiches.

Starbucks calls their new concoction “a classic California chicken burrito with a twist,” according to the corporation’s press release. Upon reading it, we have to ask ourselves: Does the classic chicken burrito need a new twist? Whatever happened to ‘if it ain’t broke…’

The maki roll is a “slow cooked, shredded chicken, fire roasted tomatillo salsa, lime crema, fresh cucumber, pickled cabbage with onions, avocado, and crispy onion” all wrapped up in sushi rice and a piece of nori like a maki roll. Which, admittedly sounds kind of interesting. But it also feels like there was a board meeting over at Starbucks headquarters atop the Seattle Space Needle where the big boss was insisting on sushi in every Starbucks and everyone scrambled to remix two classics.

Quick questions: Shouldn’t a maki roll have raw fish and shouldn’t a burrito be in a tortilla by, like, definition? Aren’t maki roll supposed to be cone shaped? Are burritos sandwiches? Are sushi sandwiches??? Why are you making things so confusing Starbucks!? You could literally put all those ingredients into an awesome tortilla and have a pretty decent sounding burrito. Or just call it a Seattle roll.

We don’t know, we’re just spitballing… Meanwhile, the maki roll burritos are currently in a trial run at Starbuck Mercato locations in Chicago. They’ve yet to premiere at the Mercato Seattle locations. Update us when you try a taste!