Step Up Your Gingerbread Game With This ‘Game of Thrones’ Model

When Chef Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art (not to be confused with our own Chef Michelle) is not busy sculpting Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam out of marshmallow and cake sprinkles, she’s making a confectionery Westeros by way of a five foot gingerbread replica of King’s Landing for this weekend’s Taste of London.

The model is patterned after HBO’s version of the city from Game of Thrones, and includes the Red Keep, the Dragonpit, and the Great Sept.

It’s part of the “Taste of HBO” room at the festival, hosted by HBO. You can’t touch it because it’s roped off, which I guess means no sampling from Flea Bottom, but you can sit on the Iron Throne and grab a photo. The Taste of HBO section will also feature a beer by Wild Beer Co. brewed especially for the occasion called Winter Wild Beer.

(via Mashable)