Stephen Colbert Is Now Prepared To Guide You Anywhere With The Help Of Waze

Prepare for your daily commute to get a lot more entertaining, and possibly a lot more distracting. Stephen Colbert joins actor Neil Patrick Harris and football player Rob Gronkowski in lending his voice to the only driving app out there that will let you know when you’re able to pass a police cruiser, or when you’re about to hit a 15-minute traffic jam.

“I love Waze,” says Colbert, in a promo to promote the use of his voice on the app. “I use it wherever I go… post office, tattoo parlor, bank, tattoo parlor, liquor store, tattoo removal clinic…”

Judging by this promo, though, choosing the Colbert voice won’t get you anywhere faster. It might, in fact, make your commute more dangerous. When the Colbert voice warns that there’s a “pothole on road ahead,” Colbert the driver fails to see one until he apparently drives off a cliff. Then again, what app can help someone who’s as bad a driver as Stephen Colbert apparently is? When Colbert tells Colbert to “turn left,” the new Late Show host decides to leave his left blinker on for the whole ride.

Oh, and if you wanted to know, Colbert’s least favorite jams are in this order — traffic, apricot and toe.

(h/t Mashable)