We Asked Bartenders About The Strangest Behavior They’ve Seen Behind The Bar

05.04.17 2 years ago

When things are hectic, bartenders are so busy slinging drinks and pouring beers that they don’t really get a chance to look around much. But during the slower times you’d be surprised at what they notice. Your slick pick up lines? They hear them. Your sly ear dig? They catch it.

Of course, some behaviors can’t be missed — whether because they’re so bizarre or so funny. We asked some of our favorite bartenders to share their stories of customers going beyond the standard “taking staff for granted” and veering into pure strange territory.

Tomas van den Boomgaard – Travelle Kitchen + Bar


“One of the strangest things I have seen from behind the bar is when a guest paid with cash and we gave him exact change back and he got extremely offended that we gave him coins. Like coins apparently are for peasants and not for the uber rich finance guys. Another story which is not mine but given by our bartender, Grace Carl. She once had a pretty intoxicated guest come into the bar and light up a cigarette. After she told him he was not allowed to smoke, he went over and sat underneath a table and continued to smoke. They called the cops and when the cops came, he ran into the bathroom and locked himself in. They ended breaking into the bathroom to remove him from the property.”

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