Heinz Is Giving All Their Employees The Day After The Super Bowl Off Instead Of Airing An Ad

Life Writer
01.26.17 3 Comments

Kraft Heinz/Youtube

The day after the Super Bowl is not a productive day. All those cheap beers, salty snacks, and hip-hop-hoorays come at a cost on your kidneys, waistlines, and vocal chords. Then we have to go back to work. We’ve all been there — with the nacho cheese stain still clinging to last night’s jeans and the faint waft of grain alcohol still on our breath as we try to get a modicum of work done before collapsing into a hungover mess at the end of the day.

In fact, the Monday after the Super Bowl is one of the least productive days in America and it’s costing us billions of dollars.

Heinz, of ketchup fame, doesn’t want us to fight through the day anymore. They’re on a crusade to give all of us an extra day to recover after the Super Bowl with a new national holiday which they’ve cheekily titled Smunday. To support this push, Heinz has decided to forgo their usual Super Bowl commercial this year. Instead they’ll use the $5 million they saved on a 30-second ad to give their office employees the day off. They’ve also launched a Change.org campaign to ask congress to consider making the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday — if they reach the 100,000 signature mark.

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