Celebrate The NBA Finals With This Sushi Made To Look Like Sneakers

What do sushi and the NBA’s dopest basketball shoes have in common? One micro-focused chef in Milan, Italy, that’s what.

Okay, we’re not going to lie. We all know we live in the world where creating Instagram-able food is a marketing tactic that feels more like Don Draper on a blissed out bender than genuine culinary creation. Sex sells on Instagram. That being said, sometimes a catchy culinary trick comes down the pike that takes the game up a step — one where even if it feels gimmicky, you still have to respect the skills.

Sushi Chef Yujia Hu of Sakana Sushi in Milan has upped his game from sushi pieces of famous people’s heads to seriously intricate and accurate sushi of our favorite basketball kicks. It’s the perfect colliding of worlds for Instagram.

The young chef is using Exacto-knives and tweezers to delicately design the iconic shoes on soft pads of sushi rice with nori, fish, and even avocado. The hand-made and painstaking results are sushi bombs in shoe-form that are just rad.

Call it a gimmick. Hell, call it a stunt if you like. But you have to admit there’s a level of cleverness and exacting precision that’s impressive. Plus, it is still delicious sushi. So let the gimmicky stunts roll in if they’re going to be this tasty.

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