Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rocky’ Workout Will Pummel Your Own Wimpy Routine Into Shape

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12.03.16 5 Comments

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For some folks, doing 30 minutes of exercise a day is not only enough exercise but it is also the most they can force themselves to get through on a repeated basis. This is normal people we’re talking about by the way, not the daily runners and gym junkies that just can’t get enough of the grind. And even with that, most of them pale in comparison to what Sylvester Stallone did during his Hollywood heyday — and today judging from his looks.

For Stallone, the routine involves six days of working out, twice a day, with a diet that features a glass of liquid aminos before breakfast. It’s a dedication that seems to pay off, with the proof being in the guy’s body at 69. To get there, though, Stallone had the help of Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu — one of Schwarzenegger’s pals and someone you probably saw in Pumping Iron. Columbu would help Stallone get what he wanted according to Viral Thread:

“I wanted to look like Tarzan – sleek, tight, almost catlike,” Stallone stated on the subject of his legendary workouts. “I wanted to forget the bulk and go for well-developed muscles. I began a hardcore weight-lifting program, working out twice a day. When I made Rocky, I increased my exercise.”

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