Taco Bell Is Officially Entrusting Us With Entirely Too Much Cheese


“The center is where it’s at!” That’s the new slogan echoing from every Taco Bell tower across this great land of ours. The fast food chain that brought us Doritos Locos Tacos and Fritos in everything is aiming for the bull’s eye with their new burrito concoction. Yes, friends, the Cheesy Core Burrito has gone national.

What, pray tell, is this new wonder? The good food scientists toiling in Taco Bell’s burrito lab have devised a way to add more cheese into your average burrito. Yes, more. In fact the cheesy core means that this burrito will be cheese turned up to eleven! Let’s let them tell us how they devised their cheesy masterpiece, “the burrito’s core contains a warm melted 3-Cheese Blend, Nacho Cheese Sauce, and sliced jalapenos all surrounded with Seasoned Beef, Premium Latin Rice, Reduced-Fat Sour Cream and a flavorful Red Sauce.” See that? Taco Bell is really looking out for your health with reduced-fat sour cream.

But, how does it taste? Does it live up to the hype? Did they hit that cheesy core bull’s eye? Thankfully there’s a whole internet out there to taste test and snark it up about every facet of life in an all-cheese everything world.

Sounds like whole lotta cheese and not much spice. Is it worth your $1.99 to Live Mas? Let these Instagrams helps you decide.

(Via Taco Bell)