This Target Employee’s Simple Act Of Kindness Might Just Make You Want To Be A Little Nicer Today

There are few places it’s harder to be nicer to people than a checkout line at Target. That’s because you probably waltzed in with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart, but lost it somewhere between the toy section and the marked-down DVDs. Then you notice the line. And if you hadn’t been having a good day to begin with? Well, it’s all about to hit the fan. But sometimes, an employee makes it all better. Like in the case of Sarah Owen Bigler, a woman who saw the sweetest thing happen while she was out buying her essentials.

According to Bigler, who posted her story on Facebook, she was standing in line about to get unreasonably irate at a little old lady who was paying for everything in change, when she saw that the employee, named Ishmael, wasn’t exhibiting the same things she was. He was patient. He was kind. And most importantly, as Bigler watched her daughter watch Ishmael and the older woman interact, she realized that the clerk was teaching her daughter an important lesson in being patient with others, especially if they need a little help.

While it’s impossible to not be angry every time someone starts paying in change at your local mega-store (we get it, it’s natural), here’s hoping that hearing about Ishmael may make all of us think twice before we go off on someone who’s making our lives a little inconvenient. Kids aren’t the only ones who need such important lessons. Adults can benefit from them, too.

(Via Facebook)