These Young Artists Are Upending The Status Quo

Finding your authentic voice as an artist is a tall challenge. You have to wrestle with expectations and convention, find what makes you unique, and then make no apologies. It requires an intrepid spirit to step away from the herd and create art that tells your story. In a world that seems to trend toward conformity, those brave personalities are few and far between.

Uproxx and The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey are introducing a group of vibrant driven creators who buck the status quo and do things their own way. Artists like Edward Buckles, a filmmaker who champions the power and creativity of the youth in New Orleans; or Davidson Petit-Frère, a Brooklyn designer, who is upending the fashion world with his bold colors inspired by Haitian design elements. The optimism, drive and ability of these young creators not only leads to great art, but a series of decisions and actions that lead to a life well lived.

A new Uproxx series, For The Restless brought to you by The Sexton Single Malt Whiskey, will highlight Buckles, Petit-Frère, Peter Don, and Megan McIsaac — indie filmmakers, photographers, and designers who are also forward-thinking visionaries who maintain the drive to forgo the ordinary and create the unexpected. These young, vibrant creators are busy making art that’s intent on shattering the status quo.