Stuff Your Face ‘The Simpsons’ Way With These Perfectly Cromulet Recipes Inspired By The Show

In a development that could be puppeteered by those creeps at the egg advisory council, we’ve reached the point where eating like a Springfield resident is easier than ever. No need to remember such trusted concepts like the “window to weight gain,” because a brave blog by the name of Eats Like A Duck is here to delight your tastebuds and horrify any doctor that didn’t go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College.

Christened with a moniker pulled from Homer Simpson’s unique eating style, Eats Like A Duck takes foods from The Simpsons of varying levels of curiosity and brings them to life with a recipe attached so you can play along at home. Indulge in the Caligula-esque excess of Homer’s Patented Space-Age Out of This World Moon Waffles, mutter your distaste for Shelbyville’s cousin fetish while sampling Jebediah Springfield’s flavorless mush known as rootmarm and got refreshed with the dream-turned-reality that is Skittlebräu. Keep your jagged metal Krusty-Os at a safe distance and a pleasant time will be had by all. Well, provided you can handle the Good Morning Burger without your heart exploding.

Worried that all the food served up is tossed directly in the trash and taken away by snooty garbagemen? Fret no more! Here’s what happens to the items crafted for the blog.

It gets eaten! I’m not about to go wasting food since there are starving people in one of them loser countries. If anything, I have driven my boyfriend, family and friends insane by tirelessly trying to include a recipe for the blog into special occasions. Was it wrong to bring Bubble Crum to a baby shower? Since I don’t think anything I’ve ever done is wrong, that’s up for debate.

Excellent news for anyone that would like a bite of banality or produce inhuman amounts of drool. Seeing as The Simpsons is a seemingly immortal beast, there’s no shortage of recipes to be explored.

A few years back, we here at UPROXX tackled some of Springfield’s most intriguing eating options in a feat of stomach-turning strength and madness. Did our brave taste testers survive Homer’s “Tom Collins Pie?” Yes, but the scars surely remain.

(via AV Club)

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