Don’t Put These Things In Your Tinder Profile Unless You Want To Die Alone

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02.29.16 2 Comments

Tinder has quickly become the dating app of choice for the simple fact that sometimes it feels like you’re just playing a game on your phone. Still, there’s nothing wrong with putting the tiniest bit of effort into creating the best profile possible. Unless you’re planning to just to swipe right on everyone to see all of your matches, chances are, you and your fellow Romance Explorers (and/or Booty Seekers) may take a peek at someone’s profile beyond just the first picture. They say you catch more flies with honey, so here are a few tips to put your best face forward for the judging of the masses.

Stop taking unsmiling selfies against blank, beige walls.

beige selfies on tinder


This sort of photo continues to pop up, and their prevalence is truly inexplicable. These pictures, intentional or not, communicate two things: I don’t have any friends to take a better photo, and I might turn you into a skin suit after our date. I don’t make the rules, but these creeptastic photos aren’t doing anyone any favors. Go outside and have a buddy (surely you have at least one) take some that don’t have the “it puts the lotion in the basket” vibe. You may even get a superlike out of that.

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