This Interactive Music Video Can Help Predict Your Health

If you were a rock star would you be the healthy one rocking a double encore, or the one gasping for air after just one song? Well, Bupa has created an interactive music video quiz that’ll help you figure out how your body would sound if it were a band.

The entertaining and innovative video features post-punk vets The Futureheads, and depending on the answers you submit, the band will sound absolutely great or terrible (there’s kind of an in-between but not really). The questions asked are ones you would normally expect when it comes to your health: how much do you drink, do you smoke and, of course, how often do you exercise are all there (so be honest).

Overall, even if you’re good on some parts of the band and worse on others, the video totally emphasizes the importance of balance because, after all, in order to have a good band, everyone needs to be on point. Or else, you’ll have a band like mine (as you can see below).

(Via Mashable)