This Strange New Fish With Legs Is Just One More Reason To Never Go In The Water

If you needed one more reason to stay out of the ocean (or go into it, we don’t know your life and we’re not judging), check out this very rare frogfish. The specimen was found by a New Zealand family, who sent it (unfortunately dead) to the Te Papa museum.

While the museum is excited about the fact that the fish’s coloring is so much different than the frogfish’s typical pattern, everyone seems to be missing the most important part of this discovery: This fish has legs. Or at least feet. It’s a fish whose big brother might possibly stride right up on the sand and swallow all of us whole, right?

Take another look:

The museum notes that this fish could also be a completely new species, but no one is certain yet. What everyone is sure of is that a fish with legs is officially the weirdest thing we’ve seen to come out of the ocean in 2016.

Let’s just hope that this one being caught didn’t make its family angry and ready to take on all humans. We’ve seen marine animal vengeance in the movies and it generally doesn’t end well for us.

(Via The Daily Dot)