One Of America’s Best Bakeries Closes In Two Days — Go Now Or Regret It Forever

02.26.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Cookie Casa Bakery in West Hollywood is closing this Saturday. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like particularly sad or even noteworthy news:

  • One less artisanal bakery with a silly name in a city full of artisanal bakeries with silly names.
  • One more open retail space to be filled with a pressed juicery in a city that already has far too many pressed juiceries.
  • One more failed dream in a city that’s lousy with them.

But a first glance doesn’t tell the whole story, and Cookie Casa isn’t just another artisanal bakery with a silly name. Okay, the name is pretty goddamn silly (we’ll get into that later), but this is no ordinary bakery and this is no failed dream.

Because for the last three years, Cookie Casa has been making some of the most delicious cakes, cookies, brownies I’ve ever tasted.

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